Unicorn Magnetic Bookmarks

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There's nothing like curling up with a good book and letting your imagination take you away. Movies can't compare, even video games aren't the same as reading a good book. The main difference is that you have to generate all your own images in your mind.

So there's a certain amount of creative thinking that comes along with reading. Readers generally have vivid imaginations. The thing is, some fantasy is good for you as it eases stress.

So read on.

Now, if you spend a lot of time reading, you may or may not use a bookmark. It's easy enough to dog-ear a page of a book. However, not only does that damage the book, but it could also get you into trouble if it's a school book or if it belongs to the library.

Unfortunately, bookmarks are easy to misplace as they slip from the pages of your book unnoticed. That's why these magnetic bookmarks are so fantastic. They stay put.

Even better? Our magnetic bookmarks feature the ultimate fantasy character, Unicorns. These adorable Unicorn Magnetic Bookmarks come in white, green, blue, and pink pastel colors. Each of these Unicorn Magnetic Bookmarks features the mystical creature with rainbows, stars, and hearts as well as the word "magical" printed n the front.

Our clip over magnetic bookmarks won't slip or slide, and they're guaranteed to put a smile on every reader's face. Are you looking for a new bookmark? Then go ahead and pick up one of our Unicorn Magnetic Bookmarks.

And if you have any avid reader's on your gift list, keep these little magnetic bookmarks in mind for the perfect little present.


  • Department: Accessories
  • Product: Unicorn Magnetic Bookmarks
  • Item: Bookmark
  • Type: Magnetic
  • Style: Flip Clip
  • Print: Unicorns
  • Brand: Ella's Treasure box
  • Colors: Pastel blue, green, pink, and white
  • Makes a great gift