Rose Gold Tape Dispenser

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You’ve probably experienced this scenario. It’s midnight, the night before the day of your favorite gift-giving holiday. The kids will be up at 6:00 a.m. to rush to the living room to see if any presents have been left for them. You know this. But you’ve also been shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc….for 15 hours and you’re exhausted. And you’ve got a room full of gifts to wrap.

This is an exhausting task, but it’s made worse by the little roll of dollar store tape you have to use to wrap all of these gifts with. Know what would make it better? Having your own tape dispenser, and we’ve got just the one for you. We invite you to fall in love with our beautiful Rose Gold Tape Dispenser.

The Rose Gold Tape Dispenser isn’t your typical generic office store tape dispenser. This is a magnificent work of art that’s designed to stand out on your desk or in your craft room.


The Rose Gold Tape Dispenser is made of iron that’s been hand-welded to shape into a modern piece of art that does a functional job. It’s super durable and you don’t have to worry about it coming apart.

Roller Diameter

The roller diameter is 2.5 centimeters. This will accommodate a standard roll of transparent tape, or multiple rolls of washi tape, depending on the width of the tape.


Our Rose Gold Tape Dispenser measures 12.3cm long by 3.5cm wide by 8cm in height. It weighs 58 grams.

Please allow one to three centimeters error due to manual measurement.


The Rose Gold Tape Dispenser is rose gold and looks like a deep pink. This tape dispenser will look gorgeous in your home.

Please be advised that the item you receive may look slightly different than the item in the photos due to the differences in computer monitors.


  • Dimensions: 12.3cm x 3.5cm x 8cm

  • Weight: 58 grams

  • Materials: Iron