33 Washi Tape Bullet Journal Ideas You'll Want to Do Now

Are you feeling unorganized? Maybe missing payments or forgetting to be at the right places at the right times? Perhaps you're going back to school and need to keep track of everything? Maybe you want to have a way to keep track of life events on your way to achieving a personal goal. If any of these statements apply to you, it might be time to consider a washi tape bullet journal. Here we'll discuss what a washi tape bullet journal is, why you might want to consider trying one, and ways to make them customizable to fit your individual needs while adding fun and creativity.


What Is A Washi Tape Bullet Journal?

A Bullet Journal can come in two forms. First, a bullet journal can refer to whatever notebook you're using to journal in. Another work that people also use in place of a bullet journal is bujo.

Second, a bullet journal can refer to the way that you use your journal. Bullet journaling is an efficient, adaptable organization system that keeps track of anything and everything in your life.

It's a seamless way to keep track of your past, present, and future in a way that works best for you. Finally, a washi tape bullet journal is performing the art of bullet journaling using washi tape to further enhance customization, organization, and easy access—while adding color and fun.

Washi tape is decorative, colored adhesive tape. There're countless colors, designs, themes, and features. Some washi tape is glossy, while others have a matte finish. Some washi tape can be written on, while others can't. You will want to choose your washi tape and bujo based on what you like and how you'd like to arrange it.


Why Try Bullet Journaling?


Bullet journaling is a smart way to keep every single life detail all in one place. It can be the perfect way to keep track of all the things in your life in a way that suits you and tailors to the way your brain works.


Have you ever shopped at the store for a notebook or planner? Some are plain; some come with boxes and lines or both. Some display one day per page while others display one week per page. Some of them give you plenty of space for weekdays but not for weekends.

Not everyone has a life that fits in any of those parameters! Bullet journaling gives you the opportunity to lay things out the way you need them, while washi tape helps provide a fun yet useful organizational purpose.


There is a bullet journaling community! There are countless people who love sharing their take on a bullet journaling and endless possibilities, ideas, and creativity. This can help you decide what you want and give you options to explore you've never even dreamed of. This can also provide a fantastic way to meet others who are working on a similar project.


Different Uses For Bullet Journals

  1. Goals
  2. Reward tracker
  3. Bucket list
  4. Time log
  5. Countdown
  6. Tasks
  7. Focus
  8. Habits
  9. Challenges
  10. Stocks
  11. Routines
  12. Cleaning
  13. Chores
  14. Projects
  15. Maintenance
  16. Wedding
  17. Baby
  18. Crafts
  19. Family tree
  20. Pets
  21. Birthdays
  22. Phone numbers/addresses
  23. School
  24. Income
  25. Money
  26. Lists
  27. Meal planner
  28. Food log
  29. Travel
  30. Health
  31. Self Care
  32. Recreation
  33. Passwords

How Are Washi Tape Bullet Journals Used?

Washi tape bullet journals can be used however you want to; but there are a lot of solid ideas if you're not sure how or where to start.



You can spend anywhere from about $5 and up on your supplies. At the very least you'll need some type of bullet journal that might also be referred to as a bujo; or any notebook. You can choose one with blank sheets or lines or grids, or whatever else you come across that might work for you.

You'll need your washi tape which can be purchased in 1 color, or different colors, patterns or styles, and you'll need something to write with. You can use a pen or pencil, or you can get all kinds of fancy colored pen sets, highlighters, pencils, watercolors, gel pens, or markers.


Starting with an index allows you to keep track of the location of everything in your bullet journal. It can be thought of as the brain of the washi tape bullet journal. There are different ways to do this, because like everything in a bullet journal, it is customizable. You could try styling it like a traditional table of contents logging collections and page numbers in a running list.

You could also flip flop this idea by putting page numbers first and then a collection of contents. You can separate the index into two columns, one for daily/weekly/monthly planning and the second column for other collections that are not time specific.

If you are a minimalist, your index may only contain collections; using the front for events and tasks, the back for the collections. If you plan on organizing your pages by theme, you can bold the main topic, and corresponding spreads underneath for simple reference.

If you want to get more elaborate, you can create a grid to log spreads. Indexes can also be color coded by using different color pens or highlighting. You can highlight small portions if you need space to write extra notes. Color coding can also be done on the outer edges of pages to easily see where you need to flip before opening your bujo.


This is a shortcut in your bullet journal that uses symbols, signs, and signifiers to label entries or collections. When combined with your index, this creates a winning combination to have the most organized and easily identifiable bullet journal possible.

Good reasons for having a key are to prioritize the urgency of things that need to be completed, show status of tasks, and to classify or assign certain information pertaining to a particular theme. It is common to us an X to show completed tasks and an arrow to show tasks that have been started, and a line through to show that a task has been canceled.

You can track many other things as well, though! You can track your mood by drawing faces, the weather by drawing weather pictures and graphs to track the progress of goals. You can come up with your own ideas or look online for inspiration.


How Can You Make Your Journals Stand Out?

Washi tape is one of the best ways to make your bullet journal really stand out!



One of the first things many washi tape fans do is start by making a spread to showcase all the beautiful colors and patterns they have. Be sure to leave room for future washi tape purchases!


Side Index

By placing a piece of washi tape over the front and back of one sheet anywhere in the bullet journal on an outer edge, it acts as an index and easily lets you know where to find things.



Similar to an index, you can create divider tabs with your washi tape to make sections in your washi tape bullet journal.


Paper Clips

Maybe you're not so sure exactly how you want to set up your washi tape bullet journal yet. You can dress up paper clips by looping washi paper through a paper clip and sticking it to itself, so no sticky part is left exposed. You can then use your paper clips anywhere you wish. The best part is you can move them around as needed!



Washi tape can be used as a key by using each color, design, or pattern to act as a code. For example, if you wanted to track your moods at different times throughout the day, you could use different washi tape for a code you can easily understand, but those around you won't.



You can use your washi tape to simply add color to your page. You can underline words, put a line going down or across the page, or add little pieces to brighten things up. You can experiment with making cuts in your washi tape to see where your creativity leads.



Using washi tape to highlight the header of the page will make things super clear and easy.



Similar to using washi tape as a header, you can make cuts into it to give it a different look and use it as a banner to draw attention to the main idea on particular pages.


Negative Border

This is an interesting idea! Try laying a piece of washi tape and writing a word; your name for example, directly over it in large writing. When you remove the washi tape, you have a negative space, you can either leave blank or fill in using a different color or design.



Sometimes life can feel out of control. If you want to create some stability, creating a washi tape bullet journal could make a big difference in your life. Not only is it a great creative outlet, but it can serve an important purpose if you set it up in a way that will help you improve your life.

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October 29, 2019 — Halie Heindel