Our Favorite Free Printables for Planners

If you’re a fan of planners, chances are you’ve heard about free printables for planners. These freebies can help you customize your planner in a way that you will never get from a store-bought planner. For instance, when is the last time you found a planner that included meal plans? How about one with a debt payoff planner?

Chances are the answer is never. If you want to customize your agenda book with free printables for planners, read on!

What’s the Big Deal About Planning?

Many people say you’re either a planner or you’re not, but I don’t necessarily agree. I do believe that some people are innately born with a “planning” gene, and others aren’t. But I also think you if you’re not, you can learn the skill — and come to love it.

Here are a few reasons why planning is so darn cool.

  • It helps you organize your days, weeks, and months
  • Planning allows you to create important lists, so you don’t have to keep track of the details in your mind
  • When you keep a schedule, you can easily determine whether to say yes or no to a request for your time
  • It’s fun!

Should You Mix and Match?

There is a lot of discussion about whether you should mix and match the pages in your planner. Some people like to have the same paper and design on every page of their planner, while others prefer a more eclectic and freestyle look.

The choice is yours. But if you want to add free printables for planners to your book, you will have to come to appreciate a mix and match planner style.

5 Ways a Planner Can Change Your Life


If you’re one of the few who haven’t yet figured out the absolute genius of using a planner in your daily life, here are five ways doing so can change your life.

Yes, I know that sounds dramatic, but seriously. A planner can Change. Your. Life.

1. You get the big picture

When you try to keep everything in your head, it can get confusing. And too many times, that can lead to missed appointments and trying to fit too much into a day.

But keeping a planner changes all of that.

When you can see the big picture, you will know exactly what’s going on every day, week, and month in the foreseeable future.

In other words, when a friend asks you to dog sit for them, you can whip out your planner (with all of those free printables for planners tucked inside) and quickly know if it fits into your schedule.

2. Make up for lost time

When you go about your day doing things as they come to you, you waste a lot of time. Or sometimes, approaching life that way doesn’t allow you the time to get everything done that you want to. For example, if you plan to write that book you’ve talked about for years, you might actually get it done if you schedule it into your day.

And you can use free printables for planners to help you save time. You can customize your own, or find free printables for planners to fit your specific needs.

A book-writing planner anyone?

3. See what’s up

When you use free printables for planners — or even a store-bought planner — to log your time and daily activities, you quickly learn what you spend your time on. And that can help you live an overall better life.

For instance, if your spouse or kids complain that you don’t spend enough time with them, you can check your log. If you find out that you’ve been working 18 hours a day, you’ll see that it’s time to pull back and spend more time with your family.

4. Find those hidden needs

Another way using a planner — and those free printables for planners — can change your life is to use it to find out what’s missing. For instance, when looking over the past weeks, you may realize that you failed to schedule in time to exercise. Once you know that, you can begin to schedule exercise time into your days.

Often, we get so caught up in our routine that we don’t even realize when something is missing in our lives.

Except for that little nagging feeling we can’t quite identify.

But your planner can save the day and show you at a glance exactly what’s missing in your schedule.

5. Become a time superstar

When you organize and plan your day, you can get more done than if you approach it on the fly. For instance, if you know you have seven things to accomplish in a day and can clearly see what they are, chances are you knock them off one-by-one.

On the other hand, if you begin your day with a vague idea of what you need to accomplish, you won’t have that clear insight necessary to push you along.

And don’t forget that absolute thrill of getting to cross off each task as you complete it!

5 Tips for Making Your Planner Work for You


Buying a planner and never using is not going to help you organize and plan your day. I know — that sounds obvious, but it’s exactly what many people do.

Instead, you’ll need to optimize your planner so it works best in your life. And while adding free printables for planners that are customized to your needs is an excellent way to do this, you should also think about taking these steps to make the most of your planner.

Functional or pretty?

Depending on your personality, you can either have a functional planner that simply does the job, or you can decorate it and make it pretty. Either way, you’ll have a planner to help organize and structure your day.

But some people are motivated by pretty while others just want a plain and simple planner.

Choose the type of planner that will best fit in with your lifestyle.

Think about the view

Some people like to organize their time by the day, while others like a monthly view. When buying your planner — or using your free planner printables — think about which view best suits your life.

Do you like to think about your time in days, weeks, or months? Once you decide, use free planner printables to organize your planner that way.

And don’t forget that some people like to have multiple planner views. You may decide that you want a weekly view, monthly view, and a year at a glance. That’s okay! You should organize your planner the way it works best for you and your life.

Color me scheduled

To help you keep better track of your events and schedule, think about color coding your planner. For example, you could use a red pen to write down all of your meetings, a green pen to log family events, and a purple pen to write in the personal things you want to include in the schedule.

An added bonus: all those colors help make your planner beautiful!

Out with the old? Not so fast

Looking back over the past years can go a long way in helping you remember the progress you made on your goals and the accomplishments you achieved. And if you save your old planners, you’ll have a record of all this greatness.

Instead of tossing your old planner at the start of a new year, designate a box to keep them in. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll use one of your old journals to show your child exactly what you had scheduled the day they were born!

How to Find Free Printables for Planners


Now that you understand how a planner can change your life, you’re probably wondering how to find free printables for planners. After all, a planner that someone else put together and sold can only go so far.

Your life is unique and so is your schedule. And that’s why most serious planners use free printables for planners. It helps you customize your planner so you can make the most of it.

Here are some places you can look for free printables for planners.

Get social

People love to share their free printables for planners, and one of the place they do it is on social media. For instance, you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter.

Here are a few great places to look.

Think about the web

In addition to finding free printables for planners on social media, you can also find an abundance of useful (and sometimes beautiful) printables on websites. Bloggers may post them as well as businesses that want to make them available for anyone who needs to use them.

Here are a few websites where you’ll find free printables for planners.

Your home is your castle

If you want to find free printables for planners for your home life, AllAboutPlanners.com has a large library filled with printables. You’ll find recipe planners, grocery lists, weekly tasks, exercise planners, and even printable stickers.

Know the Word

If you love your Bible and want to use it in your planner, BibleJournallingDigital.com offers free printables for planners that are Bible-based. You’ll find spiritual gift prompts, Bible mapping printables, and forgiveness prompts to attach to your planner.

Get the holiday spirit

If you’re looking for free printables for planners during the holiday season, you’ll find them at threelittleferns.com. They offer free printables for planners for Valentines Day and Christmas.

You can also find holiday-themed free printables for planners at ninjamom.com. There, you’ll find holiday coloring sheets for planners as well as a cool New Year’s Eve planning sheet.

Don't get stuck

If you want to add some stickers to your planner, check out mylifepplanners.com. It offers free stickers on most Fridays. You’ll get to download stickers that help organize your yoga routines, tea times, and it even has stickers to help you remember National Donut Day.

Now that’s a sticker I would love to include in my planner!

Here’s how to print and cut all those cool stickers:

Dream it

If you’re looking for free printables for planners to help you dream big, PinkBowsTwinkleToes.com has you covered. There, you’ll find printables like a summer bucket list, a goals planner, and a thank you notes planner.

Plan it at home

If you need some free printables for planners that revolve around your family life, coachmmorris.com has it all. You’ll find kindergarten homework planners, meal planners, and workout planners, including a measurement tracker. The site also offers a goal manager, habit tracker, and water plan tracker.

It’s a seasonal thing

If you like to decorate your planner around the seasons, Luckicharms offers free printables for planners that are based around them. For instance, you’ll find stickers for every season to help make your planner beautiful!

You’ll also find floral and panda stickers, along with a few holiday stickers.

For the practical you

If you prefer a practical planner without a lot of fuss, you’ll love the free printables for planners found at PlannerFun.com. There, you’ll find daily notes, year-at-a-glance pages, compact monthly pages, and time blocks.

And here’s the thing: they’re all no fluff. If straightforward printables are what you’re after, this is the website for you!

Make Your Own Free Printables for Planners

Maybe you can’t find the exact printables you want, or perhaps you need a page for your planner that is so unique you’ll never find it.

Here’s the deal: you can make your own. Check out the following video that shows you how to make your own printables for your planner.

Did You Find the Free Printables for Planners You Want?

As you can tell, you can find free printables for planners in a lot of different places. In other words, if you want to customize your planner with free printable for planners, it won’t take a lot to do it. Whether you buy a planner from a store or create your own bullet journal, downloading free printables for planners is the perfect way to ensure that your planner works for your life.

Do you use a planner and know about some free printables for planners that we didn’t list? If so, please leave the information in the comments below so other readers can take advantage of the offer!

August 26, 2019 — Halie Heindel